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Sell My House in Aventura

We Buy Your Houses in Aventura for Cash!

aventura-sell-my-houseWe, Florida Cash for Home, buy your houses and other properties by offering you fast cash service. Our house purchasing services and conditions are pretty simple and hassle-free. We will help you in starting your life by buying your property in Palm Beach County, Miami Dade and Broward, and relocating you at your new home. We have successfully set foot in the real estate world, especially in Aventura. You can contact us to buy your properties for all the zip codes of this area, including 33009, 33160, 33180.

I want to Sell My Residential Property in Aventura

sell-my-house-in-aventuraYou and your family may want to sell their property in Florida and move somewhere else.  There can be many reasons behind relocating a house, such as divorces, loss of jobs, job transfers, renovation issues, etc. Many of us also sell their homes just to improve and upgrade their lifestyles and adopt an advanced society culture. Florida Cash For Home will happily buy your house under any situation. So, if you ask us “I want to sell my house in Aventura”, we are here to help you.

Florida Cash for Home – A Company You Can Trust

Is your house in Aventura? Do you want to sell it in a short time period? It’s impossible to find someone reliable who could purchase your house in a week’s or month’s time, so we are here to cover that for you. You can sell your home to us as we offer simple conditions and policies that one else has. Contact us today and our professionals will approach you with our home selling real estate documents swiftly under 48 hours. Want to know why should prefer us over others? Then continue reading!

Top Reasons to Sell Your House in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County


relocatingOne of the most common reasons why people look for buyers for their house is that they want to move somewhere else, either in the same city or out of town. If this is the case with you, and you want to relocate at a newer place, call us. We have the best offers and packages in the real estate market of Florida and you can choose them according to your home selling requirements. Our professionals are trained in buying your property and relocating you to a place of your choice.


divorceDesperate times call for desperate measures and divorce is one of them. It’s getting really common these days everywhere. When such an even occurs in anyone’s life, they need to be prepared for the consequences. While appealing for the children’s custody at the court can be a very exhausting task, selling the house is no less frustrating too for the couple. We are here to help you make decisions for such circumstances. We will purchase your house and provide you with better housing options so both the individuals can live separately in peace


inheritance-sell-your-house-South-floridaIf you have got some property in inheritance, Florida cash for Home is the best place for you. Whether Miami Dade, Palm Beach County, or Broward, we buy houses at good rates in all the three counties. There is no one better than us who’ll assist you selling your house with a simple process. Having a skilled team of professionals, we not only buy the property from sellers but also guide them to buy a perfect house at the place where they are moving to.

Damaged House

sell fire damaged house in floridaHas your house ever been struck by any natural disaster? If yes, then you must be confused and afraid about selling it as no one will buy a damaged house. Our company wants you to relax and contact us; we buy all kinds of damaged houses too. Here in Florida, floods and earthquakes are common and we completely understand your situation. We won’t let your money go to waste. We buy such houses in Florida and provide you the payment in cash, so you can build a new home at some other place.

Past Due Taxes

taxes.sell-your-houseDo you know the laws and policies of the real estate agency? Maybe you are aware of some of them but you will still need help from a professional. You may be thinking that only a broker or realtor can help you sell your house and make a profit but that isn’t the truth. You can successfully sell your house yourself without spending money on hiring an agent. We can provide you with our expert guidance for some reasons in this matter.

Moving up/Downsizing

moving up or downsizingConsidering to move up and de-clutter your life is a great idea to make a change in your lifestyle. This means that you will want to sell your house to someone you can blindly trust. There are many house buying companies in Florida that claim to be professional, but their services only comprise of the old-fashioned real estate terms. If you have ever sold a property to us or know anyone who has experienced our services, you will know that we don’t follow such policies. We will not ask you to do any changes in your house and offer you a fast process.


avoid-foreclosure-sell-my-house-floridaWe offer you to sell your house to our company if it’s getting foreclosure notices. You won’t find anyone who could give you such an offer. This is because we don’t want you to see a red flag on your bank account and get stressed out. To get out of such a situation, we are here to purchase your property.


Why Choose Us to Sell Your House in South Florida?

We are a Professional House Buying Company

Whether in Miami Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County, we offer a professional house buying service all over in the South Florida and offer meaningful opportunities to our clients to get a change in their life.

We Buy Houses “As Is”

No matter your house is fully damaged or need some renovation, we will demand no repairing from you and will buy it in a condition of “As is”.

If you are thinking “I Need To Sell My House Fast “, we can help you with buying Your Home For Cash!

Once our clients agree to the offers we make, we make the payment in cash on the day and date they choose! So, Contact us now and get a fair offer for your home!



Talata Torres
Talata Torres
15:16 22 May 18
My parents have been living in my house for all my life, recently they have passed away and it was very difficult for me to deal with going through the house and making repairs. It was very emotional for me and my brother to sell our house we grew up. We looked online for options and found Florida Cash for Home. We spoke with Dan and he made a fair cash offer for our house and offered to pay all costs involved. The process was quick and fast and he even helped us find a new condo for me and my husband to rent. Great company and 100% recommended.
Paul Ahn
Paul Ahn
15:14 22 May 18
I live in Los Angeles and have a second house I usually rent out in Miami. Lately my tenants have turned to become squatters and it has become a nightmare for me. I called Florida Cash for Home and spoke with Dan, he explained me that he can buy my house in as is condition with squatters inside and even pay cash. He was very easy to work with and the process was quick and simple. If I had another house to sell I would go with Florida Cash For Home, they are the best in the business.
Tal Zilker
Tal Zilker
14:36 22 May 18
I recently inherited a house from a distant relative and when I first saw the house, it was in the worst condition and knew I couldn’t sell it easily how it looked. I didn’t want to deal with repairs and just wanted to sell it quickly. I found Florida Cash for Home online, and talked with Dan. He helped me through the entire process and was always available to answer my calls. He paid me cash for the house and even paid all the closing costs involved including attorneys. He was great to work with.
Adir Schneider
Adir Schneider
15:03 22 May 18
I lived in a property in a very bad condition for 10 gears. My wife and I didn't know what to do and we found Daniel online. Daniel gave us a fair offer, stand to everything he promised and closed quickly. I would recommend working with him
Richard molena
Richard molena
18:50 23 May 18
Great company. They are easy to work and communicate with. We have nothing but praise for their team. Keep up the good work!
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